Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 155 - Watching the Sun Rise Over the North Atlantic

I have never seen the sunrise over the Atlantic. Considering this was the case, Rachael and I decided we would rise early on our last day in Maine and brave the cold morning air to watch the day break off the east coast of Bar Harbor. In turn, we bundled up with as many layers as we could fit on our bodies and walked down to the harbor this morning. Although the "I have never..." experience was a simple one, it would prove one of the best decisions we made on our trip to Maine. As a matter of fact, what we witnessed this morning can only be described as incredible.

Walking down to the shore

Today's "I have never..." event is one of those rare experiences where I will simply let the photos I took of the experience do the talking. Just know that all of the photos below are unedited with the exception of adjusting the sharpness on some of them and resizing them to fit the blog. In other words, all of the colors are exactly the way they appeared when we were on the shore this morning. This was, by far, the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen in my life. The range of colors was so rich and so wide we could only stare at the distant horizon in awe for the hour we spent in the harbor this morning. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Searching for a place to sit

Settling in a the colors erupt

The whole of the sky bursting with color

Fisherman heading to work

The sun breaking the horizon

...and day has come

The sunrise we experienced today was so impressive I know I will always struggle to find the words to describe it. It was as beautiful and it was impressive, and I hope our time there is a memory that will stick with me for the rest of my life. If there was ever a way to top off an amazing week of new experiences in a new, and amazingly beautiful place, this was it. I might be tired for the rest of the day following our early rise, but no amount of sleep would be worth more than having the experience we encountered this morning. There is so much beauty in this world, and I'm glad my "I have never..." journey is finally inspiring me to go out an find it.

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