Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day 300 - Red Rocks/The Denver Beer Circuit

I have never experienced Denver, Colorado. Although my travels have taken me in an out of the city over the years, I have not had the chance to get into the city and experience the amazing places I have heard about for years. As a result, Abe, Chad, and I decided we would spend the afternoon and evening visiting some of Denver’s more renowned breweries throughout the city after making our trip back from the post-blizzard mountains this morning. In what was bound to be a day to remember, all I could do is brace myself for a lot of fun and more than my fair share of beer.

The day began with an unbelievably beautiful drive through the sun-drenched Rockies on our way back home from Winter Park. The fresh snow covering the peaks and valleys of the mountains was unlike any scene I have ever encountered, which left me quick to acknowledge that no words I could craft could do justice to that place in those moments. It was breathtaking. As we drove down the mountains it was easy to know I was experiencing something that would remain with me for the rest of my life. With that, I’ll just let a few photos from the morning try to encapsulate what it was like to be there, waste deep in snow, wandering down mountainsides off of a snow packed and winding road. Stated simply, it was magic.

Winter Park after the blizzard

The view on the ride home

...And another

Snowcapped peaks

Getting lower in the mountains...

Unbelievable beauty...

After descending toward Denver, the three of us made a quick decision to tally up another new experience for Abe and me, visiting Red Rocks Amphitheater outside of Denver. The storm from the previous night left much of the location wet and thawing, but the views we were able to take in from the top of Red Rocks were astonishing. The valley to the east of the amphitheater, speckled white with lingering snow cover, beamed in the morning sun and provided miles of viewing distance over the terrain. The theater itself was an amazing blend of white and rich, red stone dampened by melt and runoff. In the distance, Denver stood out like a beacon among the brown earth of early spring. The sights were incredible, but they made each of eager to get back to the city and start the day’s brewery-themed adventure. In turn, we wrapped up our time at Red Rocks rather quickly and ventured back to Chad’s apartment to get the core of the day’s events underway.

The valley view...

Approaching Red Rocks

The welcoming view...

Walking in
The hall of fame

The amphitheater

The stage

Denver in the distance... Calling our names

A quick stop at Chad’s apartment resulted in the three of us feeling refreshed and ready to make the most of our afternoon and evening. Excited and inclined to take down a few beers after the previous night’s experience, Abe, Chad, and I climbed into our vehicle and made our way into the heart of Denver. Over the course of the next 10 hours, we walked the streets of the city from one brewery to the next, taking time to work through flights of beers and partake in what tours were offered by the establishments. Our path took us to seven of Denver’s best breweries as the night pressed on and gave us plenty of time to soak in the nightlife made possible by the wonderful people that call the city their home. It was a night of fun, laughs, and plenty of tasty beers. It was an experience that exceeded my high expectations of Denver, and I couldn’t have had better company for such a night of revelry.


Stop 1: Sneaking into the Great Divide

Stop 2: The Denver Beer Company

Busy place...
Stop 3: Wynkoop Brewery

Having a drink with a brass ape.

Stop 4: Falling Rock Tap House

Beers for days...
Stop 5: Bull & Bush Brewery

Stop 6: Prost Brewery

Puttin' a few back...

Stop 7: BRECK!

Seriously good stuff...

The early morning hours greeted us quickly as the night pressed on, which ultimately led us to decide it was best for us to bring the day’s events to a close. Full from a long day of food and drink, we dragged our heavy feet back to Chad’s house as the darkness on the distant horizon began to turn a shade of navy blue at the coming of the light. Heaving our bodies into the cushions of the sofa and chair occupying Chad’s living room, the three of us let our jovial spirits carry us to sleep in our own time. With a busy day ahead of us, it was clear we sacrificed plenty of sleep for the sake of having some fun tonight, but the memories we walked away with made it clear every second we spent extending the experience was absolutely worth it.

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