Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 135 - Life Without Grandparents

I have never lived without grandparents. After laying my grandmother Naomi to rest today, that changed. Now, I realize some may look at this event and wonder why I'm including it in my "I have never..." year, and I understand how some would think this is one experience about which I shouldn't write. That stated, this journey was rooted in addressing my fear of facing time, and in many ways, mortality itself. As a result, the bulk of my exploration has been about facing new, and often life altering experiences in the name of discovering who I am as a person. For me, writing about the experiences has helped me understand their deeper meaning and reflect on the impact each event had, and will continue to have, on my life. Considering my Grandparents' role in teaching me to be the man I am today, I know today's experience will be one that will change me forever. Particularly, the kindness, dignity, courage, and love my Grandmother Naomi taught and showed me will be something I miss dearly and something I know my actions will now have to carry forward in her absence. She was everything to everyone whenever they needed it... and she did everything for everyone without hesitation, always maintaining her memorable smile and unmatched grace. She cared for every person she ever met and always opened her arms to those in need. She lived to care and to help others grow. That was her purpose. That was my Grandmother. Stated plainly, she was a saint.

So, as a result of the impact I know today's event will have on my life, I decided I would write about today's experience not to express my thoughts and feelings, but to honor the memory of my Grandmother. This is an event that will change me forever, I know. However, I also know that my Grandmother's legacy now lives in all of us that survive her, and it is now our responsibility to live up to the beautiful and amazing tenets by which she lived. It will be a tall task, but the only way for anyone reading this to understand just how tall of a task is to better understand the person my Grandmother was.

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